If you have chosen a tour with no fixed date, you can contact us to know when the next tours are planned. 

Once the tour is booked, please send us your soft animal at the following address :

Address will be given by email (sabine@peluche-travel.com)

The price of the Tour includes the Peluche’s journey back home, in standard mail (or with tracking if you have selected this option).

We will send you a mail as soon as your peluche arrives in our home.

During its stay, we take pictures of our guest and share them on our Facebook page to allow you receiving news.

Some activities are planned to wait for the day of the tour (between 1 and 2 weeks, we will inform you of the day as soon as possible).

Your friend may discover Petanque, french food ...


We travel in small group.

During the tour, we take pictures, with a camera, for your souvenir USB key, and also some pictures with smartphone, directly shared on our Facebook page, to give you some live news.

After the tour, we send your friend back home with its USB stick and a little gift bought during the tour...

Note that, despite all the care we will take, if something bad would happen to your friend during its stay and tour, we will compensate you for an amount of 100 euros.

Note that we will not put your friend directly on the ground floor.

If you want to do more than one tour during the same stay : you will receive more gifts (we do not have to send back home the guest after the fist tour, so your friend will be able to buy more gifts for you!). If you prefer to get a discount on the total price, please contact us.

Any question ? suggestion? special query? Please, contact us.