Summer holidays : Spain

3 weeks in Spain, Andalousia

During 1 week, we will hit the road from Madrid to visit Andalusia.

Then, we will spend more than a week at the beach, eating tapas and drinking sangria!

We will discouver the famous Alcazar in Seville, and Alambra in Granada... 

Near Madrid, we will visit Toledo...

Departure :  mid of July

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50,00 €

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Be sure to be here mid of July 18.

Once booked, please send us your stuffed animal at the address we will give you by email.

The price of the Tour includes the travel back to home, in standard mail.

When we receive our guest, we send you a mail.

During its stay, we take pictures of our guest and share them on our Facebook page to allow you receiving news.

During the tour, we take pictures, shared on our Facebook page, to give you some live news.

After the tour, we send your friend back home with its USB stick and a little gift found on the tour...